If you want to be a faster and more accurate coder, then learning the shortcuts is one of the most important things you can do.

As an engineer, you’ll be working with a variety of code editors that are built to help you read, write, navigate and understand code. You should become an expert user of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and dedicate time to learning exactly how the tools you’re using work and how they can make you more efficient.

Learning the shortcuts is guaranteed to make your development and debugging experience easier.

Particularly in a technical interview, where…

Full stack engineer is a term I see used all the time, generally meaning you can work on the front end, APIs and databases. From w3cschools :

“A full stack web developer is a person who can develop both client and server software.

In addition to mastering HTML and CSS, he/she also knows how to:

Program a browser (like using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue)

Program a server (like using PHP, ASP, Python, or Node)

Program a database (like using SQL, SQLite, or MongoDB)”

As an engineer working in todays industry, an aptitude to understand general concepts and pick up…

Giant digital padlocks is how the internet works. Image credit: Adobe Stock.

With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), keeping your data safe and secure has become massively important to businesses. Failure to look after data means companies can now be fined significant sums when they are found to be negligent.

Companies that are serious about data protection will be categorising information and applying encryption at various stages, making sure they follow Payment Card Industry best practices if they are a commerce shop. As an engineer working on product, it’s important to try to think like an attacker and limit what they would be able to do in case they…

Azure Monitor is the unified experience in Microsoft Azure for the collection, analysis and monitoring of logs and metrics from a number of sources. Azure Monitor is a managed service for working with large scale telemetry data, giving you the capability to create alerting and automated responses based on metric thresholds and other calculations.

The teams at Microsoft work closely with Azure Monitor and make metrics from its particular products available as platform metrics. Need to know how many request units a Cosmos instance is using? Or how many dead letters you have on a Service Bus topic? …

When processing an Event Hub stream, your consumer has it’s view of where it has progressed to within the stream and manages this through sequence numbers, checkpoints and offsets.

Depending on how much new information is being added to the stream, your consumer may be falling behind — there is more data ingress than your compute can process. Understanding where in the stream your compute has processed to and how far behind the latest events is a metric we need to understand, as this will enable us to scale out if required and keep to near real-time processing.

Due to…

A common strategy for API authentication and authorisation is to use JWT bearer tokens on the headers of requests. The APIs being designed will often have logic that depends on the claims in the payload of the JWT for making authorisation decisions. Because of this, during the integration testing phase, your code will take a dependency on a token issuer at both ends of the communication.

  • The test code needs to acquire a token from an issuer to send in the request header
  • The API needs to retrieve meta-data from the token issuer to determine the signing keys to enable…

Dylan Morley

Principal Software Engineer, ASOS.com

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